Veterans, Military and Family Members FAQ

What is VetHelp?

Developed by veterans, VetHelp is a social media platform where veterans,the military community, and 
their families can connect with each other,and where businesses can market their services, products,
and jobs to our users. We also strive to serve as the ultimate non-partisan reference tool for veteran
related issues and non-profits 

How much does it cost to sign up for VetHelp?

VetHelp is free for veterans, military and their family members. 

Where is VetHelp offered?

While the plan is for the VetHelp network to expand to be nationwide,we are focusing our initial
launch on the Greater Tampa, FL area.Members are welcome to sign up regardless of location but 
there maybe limited offerings from businesses outside of the launch market.

Do you charge for utilizing the market function?

The market is free to use for veterans, military and their family members. 

Does VetHelp handle fulfillment of sales in the market section?

VetHelp does not handle fulfillment of sales on the market but
rather allows the members to directly facilitate sales with one another.

Is ID.me verification required to use VetHelp?

ID.me verification is optional and not required to use VetHelp.



What is the benefit of doing ID.me verification?

By verifying with ID.me, you are proudly displaying your serviceon your VetHelp profile. 
You may receive additional discountsfrom businesses while providing others with the knowledge 
that you are a veteran or actively serving in the military.

Is my personal information shared with other organizations?

VetHelp does not share your personal information with third parties. 

Does VetHelp keep any kind of analytics on its users?

VetHelp only utilizes location analytics in order to enhance the user experience.

Is VetHelp a non-profit?

VetHelp is a sub-chapter S corporation.

Can I convert a personal account in to a business account at a later time?

Yes, the user can convert his account easily from a personal account to a business account.

Business Members FAQ


How much does it cost to sign up for a business account on VetHelp?

Business pricing plans start at $14.99 per month (or $149.99 per year) and allows for users
to find your business’s offerings through a search radius of 25 miles, allows you to 
feature one special per month and post one job opening per month. For $19.99 per month 
or $199.99 per year), users can find your business’s offeringsthrough a search radius
of 50 miles, you can feature unlimited specials per month and you can post unlimited job 
openings per month.

Why should I sign my business up on VetHelp?

By becoming a part of the VetHelp network, you are directly advertising your services
and special offers to veterans,military and their family members. You will also benefit
from reviews from VetHelp members that recommend your businessto other veterans, 
military and family members.